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Dear Soberanes:

I Love You Now, I'll Love You Then

On July 22nd, 2016, a simple mistake was made--an unidentified stranger lacked to properly extinguish an illegal fire within the Soberanes Canyon of Big Sur, California. A series of events ensued; the fire increased at a seemingly exponential rate, individuals were evacuated, and much of what was held dear by the community was burnt to the ground. What started as a small mistake, would eventually become the most expensive fire in U.S. history to fight, costing roughly 240 million dollars. Dear Soberanes: I Love You Now, I’ll Love You Then is a CNC generated piece of redwood encompassing topographic information pulled from Google Earth depicting the parameter and land that was decimated in the fire. Acting functionally as an incense burner and a domestic object of remembrance, the work looks to reincarnate the fire in a domestic space; where the presence of the fire is never quite experienced, yet the remnants of a fire is re-lived. The work looks to intimately memorialize a community's relationship to land, and examine how hyperobject byproducts, such as the casual use of Google Earth data, exist within our personal lives.

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Dear Soberanes_01
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